Over the last two goose season's I have had a chance to hunt with the Fosters over their new Feet Down Goose flags and can tell you they are a real difference maker. Especially late in the season when the birds have all been shot at and hunted hard, these flags really closed the deal on the birds when no one else around was able to kill them!
Paul Wilson - Delaware
I was fortunate enough to be invited on a few hunts with the Foster family last year and got to see firsthand how their flagging system works. When they first told me about how they will flag geese all the way to the ground, I did not really believe them. I figured it was another old hunter's tale! When I actually watched them work the birds all the way through the shots being fired, I became a believer! I guarantee we will be hunting over these flags from now on as I am buying two for my own spread!
Scott Perdew - Delaware
Amazing…..that's about all I can say about this flagging system! When the birds were skittish and reluctant to decoy, a few flutters from the low flags and they would commit almost every time! Great product and fun folks to hunt with!
Mike Zarns - Eastern Shore of Maryland
You won't believe it until you see it with your own eyes. I never imagined you could actually flag birds in close range and not give yourself away! This flagging system is going to turn heads for sure. I already placed my order for one….or two!
Brian Todd – Galena, Maryland
When the Fosters invited me to hunt with them this past season, I was eager to go and see this thing in person. Once we had the decoy spread set out, the boys went to work setting out two flags (a long pole and a short pole). They had them set out in about 5 minutes and we hopped into the pit. It didn't take long to work our way through a limit, but what really blew me away was the fact that they handed control of the short flag over to a young fellow that was probably about 9 years old. With about a minute of direction on how to work the string, he was off flagging like a pro. These boys don't just shoot at passing flocks, they finished every bird we shot at and there aren't enough folks out there that hunt like that these days.
Matt Hinton - Middletown, Delaware
Jeff asked me if I would contribute a testimonial for his website after we hunted over his flags and I was more than happy to agree. Here it is…..buy at least one of these flags, period! If you want to kill those hard to hunt birds, just buy one!
Mike Clay – Middletown, Delaware
Last season, I was the lucky guy that got to hunt on the first time they worked two flags from a single line. You want to talk about an incredible looking spread? That was it! The birds were scarce that morning, but the three flocks that flew over our county that morning all finished in the spread. Actually, not just in the spread but literally on top of the flags! I can't wait to see what these boys come up with next! Keep up the good work and you know where to reach me if you have an open spot in the pit!
Brian Jacobs – Kent County, Maryland
I have been goose hunting for more years than I care to recount in public. I have seen the good, the bad and most certainly the ugly when it comes to hunting and hunters. Hunting with the whole Foster family has become one of the highlights every year and this year was even more so. I was fortunate to be invited on a number of hunts including the final day of the season in January. They really pulled out all of the stops and had 6 flags being operated by 3 lines. There were four of the short ones on two lines and two high boys each with their own line. I guess more than anything, they just wanted to play a bit and see what they could and could not do. I can tell you we were limited out in less time than it took to set out the spread and decided just to sit there and experiment a little more. These flags are so fool proof that you almost can't mess up….even if your try. Rest assured we tried! Great time, great people and Thanks again for including me!
William Crawford – Eastern Shore of Maryland
The only problem I had with their set-up was I was too focused on the flag when the first flock finished to even remember to pick up my gun! I only made that mistake once though!
Jake Knox - Delaware
I wish I had thought of this first! That thing is so easy to work that a little kid can do it and that's a great way to include the young hunters of tomorrow in your hunts today. Get them in the field with you and let them work your flag. That lets them be a real part of the hunt. You could do the same with anyone that does not particularly want to shoot, but might enjoy the outdoor experience. Any novice can work that thing!
Tyler Stackhouse – Eastern Shore of Maryland
At least I can say I was there at the start of it all. I got to hunt with them when they built their first prototype from scraps of material in their shop. Little by little it evolved into something that every goose hunter will want in their arsenal. Two seasons of tweaking the little things and they now have a real fine set up that anyone can use like a pro.
Andy Stockton – Eastern Shore of Maryland
We all try to do something a little different than the guys in the field down the road to set us apart from their spread. It can get pretty competitive until you hit them with the Feet Down Flagging System! The short one just looks like a bird preening itself and only rises just above the height of the Dakota Decoys they use. The other thing that struck me was that, by moving the flag away from the pit or blind or lay out's, you are taking the birds attention away from you and putting it where you want them looking.
Bob Hershey – West Grove, Pennsylvania

Hunting over that thing simply amazed me. I can't wait to see the snow goose version that they promised me would be available for this season as well as we do a bunch of snow hunting on the eastern shore of Maryland. Good Luck guys!
Steve Sanders – Clayton, Delaware

Just wanted to say what an awesome product, a couple of the guys where skeptical as I was setting it up on opening day, but once we got in the pit and I put it in motion and the geese seem to choose the side of the flag they where sold. All I heard for the rest of the morning was flag em. Thanks again. Chris - Maryland

Hey guys...no inquiry...rather I just wanted to say what a great piece of equipment and the concept behind its development. Mine was delivered this afternoon and upon inspection and assembly, I found it to exceed expectations. Very high quality product, high-end materials, and well-thought out. Easily a game-changer.Looking forward to getting it into the field this fall and winter.  Jim Bonwell - West Des Moines, Iowa

I bought a flagging system and I'm real happy with it!   Brad Shepard - Whitefield, Maine

Picked up your flag system right before the  Maryland  Canada Goose  season with no practice until
 we used it opening day.Wow what a great product we had our limit in no time and most shots were within 20 yards
it has changed the way we hunt we will keep spreading the word on your product . Scott Bowers - Maryland
I have been goose hunting in DE and MD for the past 23 years and can honestly say that finally I have found a flagging system/Motion decoy that fits me and my style of hunting. I will not hunt without the Feet Down Designs Flagging System for now on. Jeff Foster is a stand up gentlemen who actually met me at a WAWA on 301 in Middletown, DE so I could purchase my flag to use that afternoon. What I like most was the easy set up and operation. We hunted the same pit that day with a morning group and an afternoon group. In the am the flocks circled roughly 5 times and were still hesitant to finish while the afternoon hunt with the FDD flag was so much easier. Geese circled fewer times and less calling was required. The geese actually tried to land on the flag. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!
Marc Anderson - Delaware
~Hey guys...Great product and I am one happy customer; not only with the quality of the product but also the end results of using it !
~~Jim Bonwell - West Des Moines, Iowa