About Us

About Us

We are a Hunting Family located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and are truly blessed to be able to make that statement. I can think of no better way to spend my free time than hunting with my wife, son, Dad, brothers, nephews, nieces and close friends. When we set out designing The Feet Down Flagging System™ we had no intention of marketing it. Our only desire was to improve our own hunting. After seeing how well it worked finishing birds “Feet Down” into our spread and hearing the reactions of the folks we invited to hunt with us, we started to think that we might just have something special on our hands.

The past few winters have been much milder than normal, meaning the migration from the Great White North has been slower and later each year. Less birds' means less opportunities, so each and every flock is more important. On top of this, we found ourselves wasting too much energy “fixing” the flags we had purchased, but they couldn’t seem to withstand much use in the goose fields. We knew there had to be a better solution. As most hunters will do when the need arises, we took to the shop and starting playing around with a few ideas of how to improve the construction of the flags, as well as devise a system that would allow you to operate them remotely. Over the course of that first weekend, the premise for the Feet Down Flagging System™ was born. All of those spare parts stacked up in the corner of the shop left over from this or that are a great place to start.

The results of that first weekend proved to make a difference almost immediately. Of course there were a few laughs along the way when one part of the puzzle or another would fail, but each of those failures was an opportunity for improvement. It has been two years of hard hunting and constant improvement that have resulted in what we feel is the finest goose flag available in a really unique system that will allow you to operate the flag from at least 150 feet away. It is so simple to operate that any hunter young or “mature” can operate it with ease. I can honestly tell you without a second thought that this system will put more birds in your spread than anything else on the market today. On top of that, it flat out will not break or fall apart, because it is MADE IN THE USA! The designs have been engineered beyond our wildest expectations to the extent that we have decided we needed to back it up with a warranty. That is something that no other manufacturer has been willing to do to our knowledge.

You still need to be able to read the birds and recognize when they are less than comfortable with your spread, but that is exactly when you want to be fluttering the flag a little to settle them down. If a flock is hungry and dying to be in your spread, rubber tires will work! That just isn’t the case nearly as often as we would like. We hope you enjoy hunting over our flags for years to come and always welcome any feedback or comments you would like to share.

Good Hunting and wait to take ‘em  FEET DOWN!!